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  • The telephoto lens is a new mobile phone telephoto lens launched by Ai Pai, with a magnification of 18 times, compatibility upgrade, optical glass coating + BK4 prism combination, good light transmission.

  • The fisheye lens gives the photo a strong perspective and enhances the appeal.

  • The wide-angle lens has a large viewing angle and a wide field of view. The depth of field is long and can show a fairly clear range;the range of shooting is larger than the original, shooting landscapes, urban architecture and large-scale photography, gatherings and family photos, all have good results. .

  • The macro lens is 15 times macro, the effective focusing distance is 2-3CM, shooting small items, fully displaying the details;discovering the beauty of the details and feeling the micro world.

  • With the desktop stable JJ04 bracket, the universal detachable screw fixing special clip design is suitable for most smart phones, easy to operate and convenient.

  • Lens multiple: 18 times telephoto + 198 degrees fisheye + 0.63 times wide angle 15X macro + JJ04 tripod
    Number of lens groups: 5 tablets 4 groups + 3 tablets 3 groups + 2 tablets 2 groups
    Lens caliber: 25mm Clamp diameter: 18mm
    Product material: ABS environmental plastic
    Glass material: Multi-coated optical lens
    Lens color: black
    Applicable models: common for smartphones
    Single weight: 0.35kg Size: 18*5*13.5CM

    Step 1: Align the back of the lens with the metal part of the special clip and tighten the rotating screw to stabilize the lens.
    The second step:
    Separate the lens-mounted slide clips, and separate the black washers from the back of the lens to the available width of the phone so that the clips can be securely attached to the phone.
    third step:
    After the lens is fixed on the mobile phone, you need to manually adjust the focus of the lens and the mobile phone to effectively ensure the image quality, in order to take photos that you are satisfied with.

    HMJZ 18 Times Telephoto Fisheye Wide-Angle Macro Four-In-One Set Universal External Mobile Phone Lens - B07JL9N65P

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